The Planner Deco Crafter✨

A little about me.

I have so many roles. I am a mom, student, wife, and small business owner. 

On my spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, gaming, and just being present. I adore spending time in the mountains, simplicity is priceless!✨ You will find here inspiring quotes, and empowering dashboards.
As a person, I truly enjoy empowering people to chase their dreams! As someone wise once told me, dreams don’t expire 💖

I have been a planner girl for quite a while now, and it is still so surreal this shop owner journey. I adore the planner community. It has given me the opportunity to meet so many people who I can truly call friends and even family. 

As for my planners, they are always changing. With the hobby, I have taught myself to embrace the constant want of trying different planners and sizes. This is meant to be functional but lets not forget it is also fun. With my planners, you will notice they are full with fun decoration, but it also holds so much function for my every day life.

I hope you create and assemble a planner so unique that it will bring you happiness and you can truly call yours!